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Best video game romance option? Saints Row’s Kinzie Kensington.

With the recent release of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell (which I have yet to play), my attention was brought back to one of my favorite video game franchises: Saints Row. In the most recent release, Kinzie Kensington is one of … Continue reading

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Why I don’t write (extensively) about (video) games…

I love pretty much all games – especially video games. At their best, I think they can be among the highest forms of interactive art. (Play the demo too. Trust me.) Occasionally, people ask me why I don’t write very … Continue reading

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If you were to find yourself in World of Warcraft…

Reposted from a long forgotten Tumblr post. Recently, Ashley and I watched Log Horizon (which is available for streaming here). Basic premise is that players find themselves stuck in the MMO that they are playing. While getting sucked into a … Continue reading

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