NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 1

[For those curious about the abrupt start, I’m continuing the story I started writing halfway through last year’s NaNoWriMo. I wrote less than 500 words for it and figured, hey, why not give it another shot. See this post for the introduction.]

Sophia shivered as she stepped out into the chilling morning air. Looking over her shoulder as her hair whipped cross her face and into her eyes, she shot out venomously, “You know its fucking cold out here, right?”

Laugher echoed from the stairwell as she pulled the flannel tighter around her. Goosebumps coated every inch of her body and her nipples felt like they had been doused in liquid nitrogen.

‘I’m going to fucking kill him.’ she thought to herself as she continued to hear his laughter. Brushing her hair out of her eyes and back behind her ears, she turned to face her jovial husband with sharktooth grin. “Ok, I’m up here, on the roof, two hours before I,” she punctuates by jabbing her thumb into her chest, “have to get up, dressed in nothing more than one of your flan-”

“Its not mine-its was my dads.” Abraham interjected.

“Whatever-whoever. I’m still up before the fucking crack of dawn wearing nothing but a shirt”

“And sandals”

Sophia shot her husband a glance that even Medusa would have envied. “Where the fuck is it? This thing that I just have to see. God help you Abrah-”

Her words were cut off as her husband, wearing a wide grin, strode quickly over to her, wrapped his hand around her waist, and swept her feet out from under her. As Abraham dipped his wife low and leaned forward to bring his face close to hers, she managed to land a solid blow against the side of his head, right on his left ear.

“Oh no you don’t. This is in no way romantic.” she spat at him as he burst into laughter. Sophia felt a strong urge to punch him again. “I’m cold, tired, and…” she pauses for a second, “hungry. There is no way in hell-”

Abraham’s smiling eyes looked deep into hers and he leaned further forward to put his lips against her ear. As she felt his lips brush against her lobes, Sophia closed her eyes and started to bounced her leg slightly. “Oh, now that’s just not fair…” she managed before her voice trail off into an almost purring noise.

“Look up.” her husband whispered before pulling back. Filled with confusion, and a bit of frustration, Sophia opened her eyes to look up into the slate sky. Dumbstruck with awe, she blinked and opened her eyes wider.

“Fuck me.”

“I thought you said there was no way in hell…”

“So…” Sophia said flatly as she leaned against the far counter behind her husband. Her eyes were unfocused and her mind was light years away, and about five miles up.

“So…” Abraham prompted with a smile as pushed the eggs around in the skillet.


“Aliens.” he replied. She could barely hear his soft laughter over the popping coming from the stove.


Abraham shrugged slightly. “I think your eggs are done. Can you hand me a plate?”

Turning around, Sophia pulled a small, brown plate from one of the upper, seldom used shelves in the cabinet. Holding it for a few minutes, she traced the streaks in the glaze and briefly thought about cracking it across Abraham’s thick skull.

Jerked out of her thoughts as the plate is jerked out of her hands, Abraham takes the dishware and gently slides the eggs onto it. Spinning around to face her, he shoves the egg-laden plate back into her hands with a quick peck on the cheek and a light slap on her ass. “Over easy, just the way I like you.”

Sophie’s eyes narrow a bit as she glares at him. Abraham just continued smiling.

“You never answered my question.”

“You’re so cute when your angry.”

Reaching back behind him, he pulled a fork out of the drawer. “We’re out of bread, so no toast.”

Sophia took one hand and drew a circle around her face before pointing at it. “See this? This is not my amused face.”

Letting out a soft chuckle, Abraham leaned forward and moved his lips near her cheek. Sophia jerked back like an angry cobra ready to strike and slammed the plate against the granite counter top. The ceramic cracked right down the middle.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” a soft soprano voice interjected from the open doorway.

Turning away from his wife and towards the open hallway door, Abraham slowly straitened himself up and casually ran a hand through is hair. Sophia, on the other hand, launched into a full blown tirade.

“You didn’t lock the fucking door? What the fuck’s wrong with you?” she adds with a sharp slap to the back of his head. “Do you want someone to come into the apartment and kill us, not that you’d notice.” she finished with with a roll of her eyes. While her husband was always frustrating, she didn’t think he had ever gotten so under her skin as he did to day. Oh, how she just wanted to go over to the knifeboard and…

“Do you have anything to drink?” the tiny voice pipped.

The young woman standing in the doorway smiled meekly and gave a brief, miniscule wave. “Hi. I’m-”

“Our T.A.R.D.I.S.!” Abraham exclaimed and thew his arms open wide. The smile quickly sprung back across his face and turned back and forth between the women in turn. “She’s our T.A.R.D.I.S.! Our T.A.R.D.I.S.-T.A.R.D.I.S., hi!”

Sophia closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. ‘Its too early for all this. To much excitement. Maybe this is just a dream. Maybe I’ll wake up and this will be all just a dream. I need to stop eating ice cream fudge tacos at one in the morning.’ Taking a deep breath, she started to concentrate on calming herself and focusing.

“That won’t work.” the diminutive woman informed. Abraham just looked back and forth between the women curiously.

Sophia’s brow furrowed. ‘Just ignore it all. Focus on the breathing… the breathing your not doing. Fuck. No, calm. Calm. Focus. Fo-cus.’

“I told you, that won’t work. Your not asleep.” the other woman continued.

Shaking her head slightly, Sophia asked, “What did you say?”

“That it won’t work.”

“No, not that, the other thing.” Sophia demanded.

“Oh, your not asleep, hence the whole wa-”

“How did you know that-how did you know that I was thinking about that?” Sophia words were like a viper’s fangs, pointed and caustic. Pushing herself off of the counter, she strode over toward the other woman, who was a good foot shorter than her, and glowered at her.

Abraham attempted to chime in, “She’s our-”

“Tardis.” Sophia finished. “I got that.” After taking a minute to look the waifish, pale-skinned woman over, she continued, “But she doesn’t look like any blue box I’ve ever seen.”

The petite woman clears her throat and flashes a half smile. “How about you invite me in and give me that can of diet root beer you got last month when Chen’s Food Palace brought you the diet root beer instead of the regular root beer when you ordered the #25 which, if I might add, is disgusting because who puts General Tso’s shrimp, salsa verde, and colby-jack on a pizza together – with a fudge taco and root beer no less. Anyway, I know your going to invite me in, so, can we do that bit so we can move along to me answering your questions?”

Sophia opened her mouth to say something but found she had nothing to say. While his wives maw remained gaping, Abraham motioned for woman to enter. “I apologize – our home isn’t bigger on the inside.”

This time, when Abraham closed the door, he motioned for Sophia to watch him turn the deadbolt latch before ducking off to the refrigerator to grab the diet root beer. Sophia didn’t watch as Abraham locked the door and vaguely waved him away. All of her focus was on this fey-like woman now standing in their apartment. “So, how did you know all that?” Sophia asked a little less aggressively.”

“She’s our-” Abraham starts to yell with his head stuck in the fridge.

“Tardis. Right. I got that.” she yells right back over her shoulder. “But what the fuck does that mean. And don’t you even go there with the ‘bigger on the inside’ joke I know you’re thinking about making. I’m not in the mood.”

Abraham just smiles and laughs to himself as he tries to shift around the many questionable food containers that have taken root in the back of the fridge.

Clearing her throat again, the young woman smiles, extends her hand, “Let’s start again. Hi, I’m Pythia.” Sophia’s eyes narrowed. Very cautiously, she took the other woman’s hand and held it tightly. Something didn’t feel right about Pythia to Sophia, but she could tell what exactly was wrong with the smaller woman.

Once their hands were locked, Pythia looked into Sophia’s eyes and neither broke her smile nor gaze. “Its ok to feel upset and uneasy. Its natural for you.”

Sophia felt herself start to actually growl. Upon realizing the noise she was making, she shook her head and asked, “What do you mean? Its ok for me? What do fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Just calm down. Focus. Breath. Its ok.” Pythia said calmly with a bright smile. “You are homo coadunatio and it is natural, very natural, for you to be agitated when you around people who are not from the same species.”

“What… homo what… Different species?” Sophia felt a bit overloaded. Leaning back against the nearby wall, she closed her eyes and rubbed her temples again.

“I’m sorry – I know this is hard, but, you’re an Alpha, so you need to…” With a pop, Pythia vanishes into thin air.

From the kitchen, Abraham announces, “I’ve found the diet root beer!”

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3 Responses to NaNoWriMo 2012 Day 1

  1. Crankyashley says:

    I want to know about the TARDIS.

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