NaNoWriMo 2011 Day 14

The alarm had been going off for well over a minute; and it was driving Sophia crazy, even through the pillow over her head. She hated Bram’s alarm: it was loud, obnoxious, and it never seemed to wake him up. Why couldn’t he just get up when it went off? Hell, she woke up *before* her alarm, when she used to set one. Not that she has needed one since she married the might-as-well-be-dead man next to her.

‘Soon-to-be-dead man is more like it if he doesn’t turn of that fucking alarm soon.’ she thought to herself. The alarm continued to blare. Let out an exasperated sigh, Sophia took the pillow off of her head an gave the sleeping body next to her a couple dozen whacks with her pillow.

“Get the fuck up already and turn off your god damn alarm.” Sophia shouted over the din of the alarm. Almost immediately, the door to the bedroom swung open to reveal Abraham dressed in flannel pj bottoms with a toothbrush in his mouth.

“I’m sorry Sophie.” he mumbled around the toothbrush. “I forgot about my alarm.”  Sophia’s gaze moved from Abraham to the body next to her. Her eyes opened wide as she let out a loud, piercing shriek and jumped out of the bed.

Abraham jerked back slightly and then stood there, frozen, looking at Sophia.

“What the fuck are you staring at me for?!” Sophia yelled. “There’s a fucking stranger in our bed!” she shouted, pointing at the sleeping form under the covers. The mixture of anger and fear was practically palpable.

“Calm down.” Abraham said; his hands open, palms facing her as he slowly moved toward the sleeping man on his side of the bed.

“Calm down? Calm down?! There’s a fucking strange man in our bed and you want me to calm the fuck down? Why if-”

Abraham raised a finger. “Give me one minute to turn off the alarm and explain.” Sophia backed slowly towards the corner of the room on her side near the door while Abraham searched around the floor for his phone. After a few seconds, Abraham let out a loud, “HA!” and silenced the alarm and turned to face Sophia.

During those same few seconds, Sophia had managed to pick up a large, heavy, silver plated hair brush off the dresser behind her without turning around. She tightened her grip on the the hair brush hidden behind her back as Abraham tossed his phone onto the bed and threw back the covers to reveal… Abraham?

Looking down at his body, Abraham furrowed his brow and asked, “Am I really that fat?”

A confused look crossed Sophia’s face. A loud thunk filled the now silent bedroom as her grip loosened on the hair brush and it fell to the floor. “What. The. Fuck.”

Abraham’s gaze moved from his own prone body to Sophia. “Honestly, I’m not really sure myself. However, there’s a lot of stuff about it online already and the news seems to be pretty well informed. There’s supposed to be a major announcement in a little while and-”

Sophia snapped out of her daze and cut him off. “Just what is ‘it’ supposed to be.”

Abraham walked over to his closet, picked out a flannel shirt, and threw it to Sophia as he walked out the door. “Put this on and follow me.”

Sophia followed after Abraham as he walked across the living room to the apartment’s doorway. Abraham slipped on a pair of sandals. “Your going to want to put on that shirt and a pair of shoes, unless you want to show the entire world your tits.”

“Can you at least tell me where the fuck we’re going? or what the fuck we’re going to see?” she pleaded.

“We’re going to the roof and, well, you wanted to know what ‘it’ was, so we’re going to see it.”

Sophia gave Abraham a puzzled look, but slipped on his shirt and a matching pair of sandals. She grimaced slightly as she buttoned a few of the buttons on the shirt. While Abraham was a tall man, she was a tall woman and his shirt did not cover nearly as much of her as she believed he thought it did.

Abraham smiled at her as she donned his shirt. His eyes wandered up her body starting at her feet and ending at her jade-green eyes. “Ready?” he asked.
Sophia gazed back into his stormy-grey eyes, laughed slightly, half grinned, and shrugged. “Why don’t you tell me? as you seem to know so much.”

Abraham’s smile grew wider. “Come on.” he said as he opened the door to the hallway and stepped outside. Sophia quickly followed after him; making sure the cats didn’t escape the apartment and closing the door behind her.

Abraham walked swiftly toward the stairwell while Sophia tagged along behind like a rather lost and bewildered puppy.

“What’s the rush?” Sophia said nervously as he loudly popped open the door to the stairwell.

“Hmm?” Abraham mumbled; stoping and turning around in the doorway. Not expecting him to stop, Sophia ran right into him and sent both of them stumbling across the landing and into the handrail. Upon steadying herself, Sophia angrily scrunched up her face and popped her husband hard in his shoulder.

“What the fuck?”

Abraham rubbed his shoulder softly where she hit him. He looked at her and didn’t say anything for a long moment. Cracking a smile, he said, “When you see it, you’ll understand.”

Abraham reached out and took one of Sophia’s hands in his own; pulling her along as he ascended the single flight of stairs to the roof.

The door to the roof was already ready ajar. Abraham let go of his wife’s hand and pulled the door open wide; flooding the stairwell with pail, grey light.

“After you.” Abraham said, giving slight bow to Sophia.

Sophia half-smiled and let out a nervous laugh. Her voice trembled ever so slightly as she spoke, “You know this is the part where the beautiful, scantily clad young woman gets attacked by aliens.”

Abraham couldn’t help but smile and chuckle, “You’re mostly right.”

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