NaNoWriMo 2011 Day 6

‘Strip.’ said Zenaida as she opened up a drawer and shifted around its contents. ‘You can put your clothes in the cabinet by the door to my office.’

The young executive obeyed the black mage’s command and removed her uniform; folding up each article neatly and placing it in the cabinet as she removed it. Gunnbjörg set her boots directly under the cabinet: heels and toes together, heels snug against the wall, and toes perfectly perpendicular to the wall.

In the mean time, Zenaida took several scalpels from the drawer, held them  up to the light, and placed them back in the drawer one-by-one until there was only one left in her hand. “You’ll have to do.” Looking over and noticing Gunnbjörg was naked, Zenaida motioned for the executive to move to the center of the room. “Over the drain and under the shower head.”

As Gunnbjörg obediently positioned herself, Zenaida opened a large glass case to reveal her lab uniform. The black mage quickly stripped out of her leisure wear and threw it in the bottom of the case. Cupping her hand under the nearby dispenser, she waited for the machine to pump several squirts of warm oil into her palm. When the machine finished, Zenaida spread the glistening oil all over her naked form before sliding on her protective, skin tight, full body rubber suit; over-the-elbow rubber gloves; and thigh high, heavy soled, steel toed boots. The black mage tucked her oily hair into her full face hood, donned a heavy paper robe, and closed the glass case.

Heavy foot falls, squeaking rubber, and the ‘koo-tsh’ of her resperator echoed in the lab as Zenaida, scalpel in hand, moved toward the young executive. Gunnbjörg watched the black mage approach with a neutral expression. Zenaida wasted no time: in moments Gunnbjörg was covered head-to-toe in an interconnected network of shallow, weeping cuts. The black mage took a deep breath before she inserted her fingers into the cuts, peeled back the flesh in great hunks, and let if fall to the floor.

“I don’t know why you do this to yourself.” said as her gloved fingers trembled as she them ran over the executives scarred, blood covered porcelain skin. Her voice sounded muffled and distant through the respirator.

‘Because it was’ started Gunnbjörg, ‘the fourth lifetime anniversary of our first meeting.’ they both finished in unison.

‘I know, I know.’ Zenaida said as she tore off a chunk of flesh from the executive’s thigh. ‘You love him. You’ve been together for four life times. I wouldn’t understand – I’ve been in a romantic relationship. But this… you know what this does to your skin, let alone…’

“He didn’t ask me to do it.”

“Yeah, well, that just makes you stupid. And I’ve never once seen him in here asking for a porcelain helmet for his dick.”

Zenaida leaned back on her heels for a moment to catch her breath and looked up at Gunnbjörg through the large, round tinted windows of her hood.

“So, was the sex worth it?”

Gunnbjörg didn’t acknowledge her.

The black mage leaned forward, grabbed nub of flesh, grunted as she yanked hard on it, and watched as it hit the floor with a bloody splat.

“You didn’t have sex, did you?” she said as she stood up, right in the center of Gunnbjörg’s line of sight. ‘You went through all this and you didn’t even sleep with him?’

‘No.’ the executive said flatly.

Zenaida sighed and stroked the worn, blood-caked porcelain cheek before her.

Zenaida knocked on the side of the tub and gave a gentle tug on the oxygen lines. “Come on out. Its time.”

The black mage smiled as Gunnbjörg sat up in the vat and watched the clear, viscus oil drip-drizzle down the executives form and back into the pool below. Zenaida reached out and stroked the other gynoid’s oily hair.

“Breath out.” she said as she pulled on the air lines. Once the tubes left her nose and throat, Gunnbjörg broke out into a brief fit of violent coughing.

Still stroking the executive’s hair, Zenaida asked, “So, how’s my beautiful, natural, gynoid?”

Gunnbjörg groaned softly and rubbed her chest. “She feel like she could use a drink.”

Zenaida smiled. “I’ve got water, plant oil, sweet sap, various leaf flavored waters… I don’t have any juice on hand, but I could press some…” The smile faded from the black mages face when she look down at Gunnbjörg stoney countenance.

“You meant poison, didn’t you.”

Gunnbjörg nodded slightly. Zenaida let out a soft sigh, drew her lips into a tight broad smile, and stopped stroking the other gynoid’s hair.

“I didn’t just spend all morning fixing up your body just to help you ruin it less than a minute later.” Zenaida pointed to over to a tray with a soft sponge and towel. “Get dried off, get dressed, then either meet me in my living room for tea or get out.”

Zenaida finished pressing the citrus fruit and placed the glass of juice on the tray with the rest of the drinks. Hearing a door open; she took a moment to check her hair, straiten out her clothes, and put on a wide smile; before stepping into her living room. Zenaida looked out into her office through the door she had left open as she heard another door and close.


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