NaNoWriMo 2011 Day 5


The black mage closed her book and set it down on her chair as she stood.


‘Always so fucking impatient.’ the black mage muttered to herself as she walked from her living room through her office and into her entryway.


The black mage took a moment to check her hair and smooth out her clothes. Drawing her mouth into a tight lipped smile, she closed the door to her office and flung her front door wide open.

In one smooth motion, the young executive grabbed the swinging door and slipped into the entryway. Drawing the door closed behind her, both gynoids were left in the claustrophobic darkness.



The tight space made it impossible for either to move without brushing up against one another. As Zenaida turned to open the third door to her lab, she brushed up against the executive’s soft, yielding form. The black mage took a deep breath and stood still for a moment before pulling the door open.

As Zenaida took a step back to make room for the door in the entry way, she was forced to back into Gunnbjörg. The black mage’s breath quickened as she felt the softness of the other gynoid’s breasts push against her back. As soon as she was able, Zenaida slipped around the edge of the door and sped off to the far side of her lab. Gunnbjörg followed quickly after, drawing the portal closed behind her.

‘Strip.’ said Zenaida as she opened up a drawer and shifted around its contents.

The young executive obeyed the black mage’s command and removed her uniform; folding it up neatly as she removed it.

‘You can put your clothes in the cabinet by the door to my office.’ As Zenaida spoke, she took several scalpels from the drawer, held them  up to the light, and placed them back in the drawer one-by-one until there was only one left in her hand. “You’ll have to do.”

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