Writing Prompt 1 (2011-08-27)

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. The wood was warm to the touch. Years of tracing its edges, curves, and seams had left the box’s surface worn smooth. When shook even slightly, its contents made a very distinctive clink.

With her grin slowly spreading across her face, the young woman pulled the little blue box out of her pocket and whipped it at the snow covered mound near her feet. As one might expect, the box disappeared into the snow with little more than a muffled clink.

‘Fuck you you abusive mother fucker.’

While some of the black-clad crowd surrounding the young woman and the snow mound looked away or muttered softly under their breaths, the vast majority of the congregation held their breath and turned their now wide-eyed gaze to the young woman.

The young woman wasted no time in preparing a spectacle for her audience. Moments after throwing her box at the mound, she began kicking it and uttering long strings of profanity. While some adults in the crowd took to covering the ears or eyes of its younger members or looked away, far more simply erected a facade of such activity and continued their voyeurism.

For the better part of an hour, the young woman verbally and physically abused the snow mound. The sky had grown thick with clouds blocking the weak winter sun and the air had started to be filled with big, fat snow flakes. A number of the crowd had started to break off. They had not quite made it their cars when they heard the young lady scream; not an obscenity, but a high pitched shriek.

All but the most peripheral members of the congregation stood still; mouths agape. After nearly an hour of kicking at the snow covered mound, the young lady had managed to kick through to the soft earth below and appeared to have great difficulty pulling her leg back out. However, it wasn’t until she managed to free her leg and saw the hand of her dead husband wrapped around her ankle that she had let loose her full-lung scream.

While a few of the black-clad crowd immediately bolted for their cars upon seeing the dead man pull himself out of his grave, the majority of the onlookers merely looked on as the dead man pulled his wife down to the ground. One, and only one, onlooker made any vocalization as the dead man proceeded to slowly rip apart his wife; and old woman said, ‘What did she expect for no submitting to her husband in life and speaking ill of him in death.’

No one said anything when the dead man started to eat the old woman.

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